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Ceramiche I.M.A .was founded in June, 1st 1978 in Montelupo from 3 friends : Ivo, Mauro and Alberto and from initials of their names was born I..M.A..

Just in '78 owners had an experience in ceramic-work from 20 years, but founding I.M.A. they made a new production and particular style.

Ceramiche I.M.A. is composed by 25 workers about (10 inside and 10/15 outside).

Soup tureen w/plate I.M.A. produce about 2.000 different items : from small vases 5 cm high as bud-vases or candlesticks since extra large jar 1 meter high (reproduction of Renaissance oil/wine jar), lamp bases, planters, umbrellastands, ..... .I.M.A. produce all items exclusively by hand (some of them require 10/12 hours of painting !!) firsts materials are extract along river "Arno" by a local industry and then purified by I.M.A. to have a better product. Decoration are inspirited to Renaissance motifs for a little part, most of them are created from I.M.A. artisans studying actual interiors, furniture and particular "market".

I.M.A. export 65% of production in all the world, from Japan to U.S.A., from Island to South Africa showing at national and international fairs like : MACEF (Milan),  AMBIENTE (Frankfurt).

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Visit us at these fairs

Next exhibitions :

Ambiente - Frankfurt 10-14 Feb. 2017 Pad.8.0 stand K21  

Thanks to the grant of Regione Toscana “"Incentivi all’acquisto di servizi a supporto dell’internazionalizzazione in favore delle PMI”

Fondo POR Creo Fesr 2014-2020


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Via Tosco-Romagnola Nord 41-43 Camaioni - 50056 MONTELUPO FIORENTINO

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How to find us:

Coming from Milano or Roma on speedway No.A1 : exit "Firenze-Scandicci", enter on highway "Firenze-Pisa-Livorno", then at 3rd exit (Montelupo) at the stop turn on the rigth, after 20 meters a second stop turn again on the right, again an other stop turn on the right, proceed al straight on more and less for 4 Km.

You will reach "Camaioni" and You will find us on Your left.

Good travel. 

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